What happened – Part 2

Now, this is going to be the most revealing part of anything I might have to share with my readers. It hits home and it hurts. So If you would like to turn back now without reading any further, be my guest.

I don’t quite remember “waking up”. I’m sure it was more of a drifting in and out of gradually increasing levels of consciousness. I did have a feeling that I had been on quite some trip for quite some time. I had grown accustomed to the situation and was making the best of it as I traveled the world over in my mind – or what was left of it.

Somewhere, at one point in time I overheard a conversation. Walls are only so thick and morphine can crawl you around a corner.

So this is it. This is what they meant with a “heard”. A tumor. Cancer. “I’ll give him four months max”.

Our liver is broken down into sections and for orientating purposes – two “halves”. The larger half being the right side as seen from your perspective, not mine. The smaller half is more in the middle of your breast area. That smaller half is made up of sections 2 & 3. The rest of the larger half is all the rest of the liver, sections 1,4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Recorded during the operation: “the liver is enlarged, the tumor covers most of the liver with solely sections 2 & 3 looking clean and free of cancerous growth.”

That went fast!

And so now we cope with the situation. I have an appointment with the Frankfurt university clinic next week. We’ll see what they can do for me before accepting the final diagnosis …. which is HCC.

Just for the record, I had Hepatitis C. I say “had” because it was rated as “cured” or eradicated after a six month long clinical research trial I participated in back around 2002…..at the Frankfurt university clinic. The problem with Hep C is that the virus may do no harm on its own but the changes it sets up in the liver cell DNA opens the door for the cancer – and once that starts it goes pretty fast. This is why HCC is one of the most hated OP room discoveries. Or so said one Doc at the hospital….”this one never gives us a chance.”



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