My cat is wondering why I’m awake this early

Gypsy has a traditional tiger look. Pretty wild, our Gypsy. Snugged up on the couch adjacent to this massive pillow fort I’m currently occupying, Gypsy yawns and says – !? WTF ?!

It’s 4:26 a.m. What a time to be awake and blogging. I must be sick. And you know what? I like these early morning hours. Not because the birds go acoustically apeshit just about now but because it’s so foreign, so forbidden to fall out of your regular daily schedule and to take time like this to do stuff like this (to blog or not to blog). I can only come up with one reason why it’s okay with me that I’m not sleeping through the night the way we’re supposed to do (?) and that’s because I don’t have to get up and and go to work in the morning. That’s the real killer folks. Think about it.

I’ll be over to see Doc this morning. We’re gonna do a sono and talk steroids like most men of our age eventually do. Doc’s just a few years my elder but who asked. Water retention is the big problem just at hand and I’m convinced we can drop the steroids without losing ground.

The birds are loud. Louder than U2 coming from my internet radio. What? Springsteen? Yuck.



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One Response to My cat is wondering why I’m awake this early

  1. tonyforest says:

    Doc visit went okay. No nominal amount of water in the torso area so no worries there. We agreed on reducing the steroids by half while I’m in favor of dropping them straight. Other than having swollen hands and feet and legs, I’m feeling fine. The pain is being kept in check and I have an ample supply of pills to keep it that way. But something tells me Doc is still taking blame for what went down. He need not be. It happened and with that it happened and now belongs to the past. Time to look forward, not backward.

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